About India News 365

India News 365 is an outcome of a college student who have a keen interest in Journalism. Student who wish to simply complicated news, so it is easier for the people to understand it. And also with an aim of providing all the information, all types of news at a single platform.

India News 365 is not just a platform for people to come and read news, it is an opportunity for the people who have a passion for journalism and writing. Who are great story tellers and want a platform to pen their thoughts down.

We at India News 365, do not believe that creating a platform by posting some content and selling ads on it is all. There is always room for some extras and we are the ones that are willing to provide some extra.

By giving and opportunity to write to the un-certified journalists, we get to see the picture of the other side of the world. Journalism is a very complex field and can be easily be manipulated.

What do we cover?

Here at India News 365, we cover a wide variety of news headlines. Starting right from the Politics and Business News, Entertainment, including movies and Bollywood industry, Sports. But to maintain your health and travel around the world is also important, so we cover Health and Travel news headlines as well.

Apart from the news headlines in the above mentioned categories, we also do tend to provide our opinions on certain trending issues and the title is marked with OPINION in it. So, while reading such articles, be sure that these aren’t facts but are opinions from our writers and the people who write on India News 365.

Founder of India News 365

Punit Khatri, Blogger and YouTuber, is a third-year bachelors student. He is very keen about the headlines and his passion of spreading the news and content keeps him going. Having a 4 year experience as a YouTube manager, Punit also loves to produce movies and shoot videos that are informative and can be helpful for his audience. Apart from India News 365, he also runs a technology specific blog, which relates to Apple. This is because of his love for Apple Inc. and he calling himself an Apple Fan Boy – iDeviceGuide.